Think of us as an extension of your customer service and lead management team.

With more than 15 years of expertise and growth, the versatile MSS teleservices group is incredibly adept at executing anything from managing appointments to guiding technical how-to support conversations to handling sensitive product recall campaigns. But our support goes beyond typical call center services - we're marketing and lead nurture focused. In many scenarios, clients rely on MSS to perform structured, multi-touch follow up activities that can include outbound calls, text, emails, and postal campaigns to ensure customer satisfaction, cross-sell, and continued brand awareness building as we move relationships through your sales funnel.

End-to-End Customer Relationship Management

We Become Your
Brand Specialist
Extensive onboarding and training protocols ensure we speak your brand language and know your product details.
Custom Program
Our customized approach includes multichannel communications, database creation, and reporting.
Real-time data collection and reporting accurately track and record each engagement to ensure regulatory requirements are met.

Here's our core call center services mix:

Customer Acquisition
Customer Retention
Customer Win-Back
Technical How-To Support
Call to Activate
Product Recall Campaigns
Product Recall Help Desk
Rewards and Incentives Headquarters
Rebate Headquarters
Warranty Headquarters
Appointment Management
Call Recording
Survey Campaigning
Prospect Nurturing
Seat Call
Center Capacity
Pieces of Mail
Processed Yearly
Live Chats
Inbound Calls
Taken Yearly
USA Based

MSS meets or exceeds call center
Global Industry Best Practice Standards:

Global benchmark is 80% of calls answered within 20 seconds.
Average Speed
Global benchmark is 28 seconds.
Global benchmark is 5-8% of calls.
Average First Contact Resolution
Global benchmark is 75% of calls.
Customer Satisfaction Average
Global benchmark is 90% of calls.

The MSS call center maintains Global Industry Best Practice Standards for the above telephone, efficiency, and service KPI's (Key Performance Indicators), to maximize customer satisfaction and to maintain an efficient, high-performance call center. To achieve these high quality performance standards, MSS agents are taken through established training protocols. Our training focuses on a high product knowledge base to assist customers efficiently and accurately and improve employee engagement by providing them with clear and confident methods to successfully handle customer calls. Our comprehensive process includes extensive required customer service and behavior skill techniques training.

And here's more integrated support we provide:

Spiff and Rebate Processing
Reloadable Card Processing
Branded Credit/Debit Cards
Order Entry
Database Creation
Data Collection and Processing
Analytics and Reporting
MSS enGauge™
Brand Advocacy
Survey Campaigns:
  • Customer Insight Research
  • Identify Advocates and Critics
  • Outbound, Digital, or Both
  • Analytics and Reporting
MSS Lead Concierge™
Prospect Nurturing
Automated Follow-Up:
  • Postal
  • Email
  • Text
  • Phone
Count on the MSS Call Center team to deliver on-brand, on-message customer relationship communications.